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Re: POTY Awards
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Hi Ralph

The awards will probably be plaques as they would probably be nicer to display. I will take a mini survey and let you know for sure. I'm open to either way.

You can submit up to 3 different Personalized chips. If they have 2 different sides then you can submit 6 chips . This way the chip can have all sides shown. When they were made is not a concern this year since its the first contest.

Thanks for the input


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POTY Awards
Oh, it's on! Good luck to all entrants!
What a GREAT idea!
Personal Chip Artists and Makers
Debbie Meister
I think Debbie Meister has retired
Yes, Unfortunately She has Retired
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Great! There are some really nice ones out there!
Re: POTY Awards
Are PC's from any date OK for entry?
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Great idea and I recommend
Great Contest

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