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Zombie Club, Havana Cuba

Couldn’t pass up this Rare 70 yr old Mr Zombie. What a great addition to my Cuban Collection and I think it went at a low price for what it is and maybe the only one left from Cuba in just about pristine condition and basically completely intact and no signs of decay, actually very solid and clean, just missing a cigar or cigarette in his hand. I think I could improvise with a piece of wood painted and carved to fit the period ? Or not? My Cuban and Playboys are hitting new extremes with all the glorious new finds and inventory. Wow I will definitely have to have a Playboy,Cuban,Hard Rock, and Luxor display one day at the convention. Maybe even Texas if it keeps growing at the same pace, Torrey

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Zombie Club, Havana Cuba
Very nice! Speaking of Luxor Display, here are...
Re: Very nice! Speaking of Luxor Display, here are
That I did. Thanks!
Re: Zombie Club, Havana Cuba
Re: Zombie Club, Havana Cuba
Found this on Google
Re: Found this on Google

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