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1 comment, and 1 question.

1. Speaking for myself, I would rather have a plaque then a trophy. I always have wall space, but not so much shelf space.

2. Can I submit any year personal, or does it have to be this years chip, or can I submit more then one?


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POTY Awards
Oh, it's on! Good luck to all entrants!
What a GREAT idea!
Personal Chip Artists and Makers
Debbie Meister
I think Debbie Meister has retired
Yes, Unfortunately She has Retired
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Great! There are some really nice ones out there!
Re: POTY Awards
Are PC's from any date OK for entry?
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Great idea and I recommend
Great Contest

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