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POTY Awards

Attention Club Members

At this year's convention I will be hosting the 1st annual POTY (Personal Chip of the Year) contest.

The contest will be held at my table (Meet the Prez). To enter you must be a current member of the CCA. You can only submit entries if you are attending the convention. You may enter up to three personal chips. At this time only, chips may be entered.

If your chips are two-sided you may enter six chips to show front and back. All chips will be displayed in locked cases and numbered as they are entered.

Chips may be submitted Thursday, Friday and Saturday up until noon. Judging will be on Saturday the last day of the convention at 2 PM.

The judges for this contest will be three independent people with no affiliation with our club. The criteria for judging will be on a point system as follows:

Creativity 10 points max
Clarity and Quality 10 points max
Colors 10 points max
Overall Appeal 10 points max

Total 40 points max

The top three scoring entries with the highest points will win trophy’s for 1st , 2nd , 3rd supplied by me.

All entries upon completion of the contest will be donated to the MoGH for future exhibits at their discretion.

Please try and patronize our dealers who are in the club who specialize in making personal chips. Your support is valuable to them.

I look forward to you participating in this event and having lots of fun with this.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at or on the boards.


Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241
POTY Chairman

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POTY Awards
Oh, it's on! Good luck to all entrants!
What a GREAT idea!
Personal Chip Artists and Makers
Debbie Meister
I think Debbie Meister has retired
Yes, Unfortunately She has Retired
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Great! There are some really nice ones out there!
Re: POTY Awards
Are PC's from any date OK for entry?
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Re: POTY Awards
Great idea and I recommend
Great Contest

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