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A follow-up Campaign Statement, Vice President....

As posted on this message board by Scott Goodrich:

I'm sure those of you running for VP are planning statements regarding your candidacy & viewpoints. Here's a few things I'd appreciate seeing addressed in those statements:

- What do you view as impediments to folks becoming members, and what are your thoughts on removing or mitigating those impediments?
- How do you plan to work with Jerry to further his vision for the CCA?
- What is the best use of our annual membership dues?
- What does the convention look like to you five years from now? Can it be better? If so, how?
- What are your thoughts on using social media to bring greater exposure to the CCA?

Anybody else have other questions or concerns they'd like the candidates to speak to?

I'd like to share the following...

In the Winter 2016 issue of the Casino Collectibles News, The Club's multi-award-winning magazine, I was honored to be selected by then future Club President, Jerry Vergatos to be featured in that issue's The Member's Corner, by Jerry Vergatos. In that questionnaire, I was asked:

In what direction would you like to see the Club head?

This was my reply then...

"I believe that the Club needs to embrace the digital age and seek our growth amid the Internet. At the same time, I very much support the direction that the MoGH is taking in setting up fixed Exhibits at various casinos. Be these on an interim basis, long-term or indefinite, these mini-museums are the flagships of the Club’s future."

Now, over a year later and running for a leadership role in our Club, I still feel the same way. The Club's future lies within the Internet and the Greg Susong Digital Media Center, what many of us simply call ChipGuide (under the direction of Charles Kaplan), has developed into a significant presence of the Internet. There are presently over 180,000 images on ChipGuide and in my dealings on (this message board),,, and others, I constantly see references to and links to ChipGuide.

I will have more to say about the Club's presence and in some instances, lack of presence, on the Internet, in other planned campaign statements. But I believe, as a frequent poster here, a casino collectibles website owner, a past Admin to several casino collectible message boards and a current ChipGuide Admin, I am well engaged to expand and enhance the Club's presence on the Internet, which I believe will add to our membership and our financial standing as well.

I respectfully request your vote for Vice President of this fine Club, so that I may join with the Club's Board members to work on these, and other matters.

Thank you,

Jim Follis

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A follow-up Campaign Statement, Vice President....
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