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Actually, Archie's description is very accurate, as far a it goes. It doesn't go very far.

I did not use a false address on the admission form, but elected to register with my Nevada home address. My drivers' license is from Texas, one of my several residences. So my entrance application was true & correct.

Arch became the most hostile control freak you could ever imagine when the two addresses didn't match. It was a sight to behold. He accused me of wrongdoing, being some type of a dishonest person and then went into a foul language harangue. I responded in kind.

As an aside, I attend coin shows all over the nation and they never require ID. Coin show promoters are smart enough to recognize that many numismatists and bullion buyers prefer to deal in cash and be anonymous. Also, many folks like me fear that the admission form will be used for future junk mailings and that your data sometimes is sold to advertisers.

Yeah, I know the chip event rules require ID for the chip event. I had valid ID and showed it but was still rebuffed by Arch.

BTW, I believe the rule requiring ID is ridiculous and deters participation. If security is a concern, hire a security force. Entrance to the show should be "user-friendly." Not so with a jerk like Arch on the admission desk.
Back to the show. I went to the entrance door and asked for the person in charge. They rolled-out nice 'ol Sheldon, who appeared non compos mentis (admittedly not a nice term, but the absolute truth). His very nice wife Christine seemed to be in command of her facilities, listened to my version of the events, and then went to speak with 'ol Arch. She returned and told me I would be admitted with the fee, ID and an admission form with a matching address.

I told Christine that I preferred not to deal with a rude, power freak like Arch and asked her if she would take care of the registration for me. She said OK, took my$5 and drivers license for admission, only to return and apologetically advise that Herr Arch said I couldn't be admitted.

Who gave him that authority? What kind of an organization would put such a jerk on the welcoming admission desk?

I left quietly, shaking my head at the incompetence of the sponsoring club. After I cooled down, I squealed like a pig on this forum.

After many comments on this forum, Herr Arch reluctantly said I could be admitted the next day (apparently at Sheldon's insistence).

I did return the next day and approached the admission desk along with two casino security guards because I didn't trust Arch and recognized that it might become violent because I am not the type of person who takes crap from anyone. Sure as chit, Arch gave me a bunch of crap and I returned it in kind. If AHs could fly, he would be a supersonic jet!

So now I understand that Arch will chair this year's event. Go figure!

None of the above should have occurred.

And that is the rest of the story regarding "Mr. Cary's unwarranted beef regarding his non-admission."

This is a messed-up, incompetent organization if I ever saw one!

Too bad, chip and casino memorabilia collecting can be fun.

PS to Sheldon: I believe you are a nice man and I harbor no animosities. I do agree that one of us needs help.

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