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David... I know how to run a 501c3, I founded one been the executive director, did grant writing and I am on the executive board. We have grown our budget every year for 20 years straight. I know grant writing... It does not take years to do grants. They are all on a yearly cycle. It takes months. Easy enough to hire a grant writer.

If we had our act together we would find out who writes for the neon museum... who writes for MOB... they are usually hired guns. They have the knowledge of all the grants that we would be eligible for. This is easy stuff... Sending an email to club members reminding them that the convention is coming up and to get their rooms booked easy and would go a long way. There are dozens of things that we could sooo much better.

But realistically... this is a catch 22 now... we are too divided now. This will have to get a lot worse before it can get any better.

I suggested long ago that the club get professional advice from a not for profit consultant... to review our structure and help us forge a plan
from that point. Our BOD decided against it. You guys did not think it was worth it. We have lost members since. Maybe a good idea now?

If your plan for adding new members is leaving old magazines in waiting rooms... that is a problem.

by the way, I think you could get a good ED for 40K, know anyone who wants to be tortured? grin

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