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Re: A serious question for club members.....


Not trying to toot my horn or anything but my ebay page has the club log on it and everything I send out has the club logo on it. I know there is a lot of collectors out there that they club never reaches. I probably have 100s of sales to non-club members but will help us draw them in. I know for me it was member like Lee O'dell, Reggie, and Richard Jezeski who helped me get started by trading chips and offering me insight into what is rare and what is common. I still think the biggest driver for me was the Chip Guide and how nice and helpful Greg was.

I have a good chip run buddy who I have been trying for years to get him to join and have offered to pay for a year but nothing I do can convince him. I ask him why and he says I have you. What I struggle with the most is how do we show someone the benefits of being in the club. The website has not changed since I have been a club member and if you want to get a good response to anything about chips you post it on he chip board and not the chip website. In fact details about the 2017 convention are still front and center and a little note about 2018 is off on the side.

So I think a big question we should be asking each other is how do promote and project the benefits of joining the club vice not joining.

Could we not have a members only area that has discounts with chip supply venders. Could we build an area that list all of the New chip releases on a site. (I know the chip guide and a few member sites do a good job with that but not everyone covers all areas of interest.)

Is there anywhere that lists local clubs that still meet. Just like getting votes the local ground game is going to be key to getting people to join then a national campaign.

I hope this is what you wanted.

Paul S.

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A serious question for club members.....
Excellent points Doug. A very reasonable challenge
Thanks Jim !!!!
Travis, don’t sell yourself short. If your maki
THANKS grin BUT....
Thanks Leo and you are not as guilty as you tbink.
Thanks John !!!!
Since the club message board does permit ~~
Re: A serious question for club members.....
Thanks Paul for what you do and you have some
Re: Thanks Paul for what you do and you have some
Doug, email to you, bounced.....?
Oops, I fixed it on this post.
Re: A serious question for club members.....
We've tried in the past to contact non-renewals.
Re:We still try today
Re:We still try today
Richard H, U R not just OK - but OKAY .....
We can all send info to new buyers on Ebay

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