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A serious question for club members.....

With the numerous threads over the past few days about hiring people and new leadership it makes me think of some questions I have been asking members for years.

When was the last time each of you signed up a new member?
Have you ever sponsored a member?
What are you doing to expose others to the hobby?
Are you doing everything you can to bring attention to the club and he hobby?

He sad thing is that the vast majority of us don’t do the things I have mentioned above.

Think of it..... if even 1/2 our membership signed up just one new person a year we could double our membership many times over.

I know there have been a lot of disparaging comments made towards the BOD and the club leadership over the years but those people are doing their part already.

The convention and the MOGH are the most important items we have in helping expose our hobby to the world and the boards of those groups do a great deal to make sure it continues.

I challenge every single member to make more of an effort to help grow the hobby we all love.

It’s easy to blame others and suggest things that could be better. But if each of us aren’t doing our very best to help out, how can we ever expect to succeed.

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A serious question for club members.....
Excellent points Doug. A very reasonable challenge
Thanks Jim !!!!
Travis, don’t sell yourself short. If your maki
THANKS grin BUT....
Thanks Leo and you are not as guilty as you tbink.
Thanks John !!!!
Since the club message board does permit ~~
Re: A serious question for club members.....
Thanks Paul for what you do and you have some
Re: Thanks Paul for what you do and you have some
Doug, email to you, bounced.....?
Oops, I fixed it on this post.
Re: A serious question for club members.....
We've tried in the past to contact non-renewals.
Re:We still try today
Re:We still try today
Richard H, U R not just OK - but OKAY .....
We can all send info to new buyers on Ebay

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