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Re: How can you say at this point?
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I do not agree with you that the future of the HOBBY ( as you stated ) could be on the line. Maybe the future of the club, but definitely not the hobby. I collected casino stuff long before I joined the club as most folks did. Joining the club was one of my best decisions. I have only been in the club a few years so I do not know how the board works, but I guess if the board wants to hire a paid ( ED ) they do not need membership approval. If I do get a chance to vote on that issue ( whether his salary comes from club coffers or from raising membership yearly dues ) I will vote no. I will not get into all my reasons for not supporting a paid ( ED ) as most have been addressed in other post. All I can say for sure is if a ( paid ED ) is approved and I receive a renewal notice that is significantly higher than $30.00, I will have to make a decision at that time to either stay a member or not. I will continue collecting casino stuff and will attend future conventions as I have the last 3 years as a member or as a civilian. I have been a volunteer last 2 years and that was great as I got to meet other members and here their views on a variety of subjects. I plan on being a volunteer again this year also.
I was not asking ( with my original post ) a set in concrete vote on this issue. I was just asking for a straw poll of yes or no at this time. I was not looking for a heated discussion. I would be very surprised if this matter gets past the discussion phase of the board.

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