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Yes and more...
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I never thought our members would pony up $75 for an ED. A lot of the members would rather the Club fade than take on a paid employee.
We are not adapting to grow. We are in decline. Once the convention shrinks because dealers can't make money and the
volunteers drop off... the convention reduces by 1/2 soon to come we will be back where it started but with great guides. grin

In my opinion the Club and the MOGH will eventually split... Mark this post. No way anyone in their right mind would bring all this membership madness into a professional museum organization.

It will be great to have a new organization without all the baggage and infighting of the club... but if it is started with the same members who
oversee decline here, I don't have confidence they will be able to act any differently. I wish the MOGH BOD had more
diversity but maybe they can start a new with a ED.

Scarry thing here is... we have over 200k in reserves that could easily fund an ED without taxing members but that is not considered.
Rick's Executive Director proposal in the club mag was amazing... He should be listened to, he is exactly what the club needs in new leadership.

Real question is... Big change or sunset? lower right box

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Yes and more...
I still believe that if anyone can show our BOD ~~
Even more scary is that we have members stating
While you chose to post a total of all accounts,
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How can you say at this point?
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Must be the name!
NO! Easy Answer! USA

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