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Charles, you said "how can you possibly say that slabbing chips is good for the hobby?"

Like I said, I didn't say what you said I said and (like Forrest Gump) that's all I am gonna say about that.

Ya' all gotta admit that I injected a little life into The Chip Board! Like the hobby, it also was dying.

Keep chippin' away!

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Suggestions for club leaders ...
Re: Suggestions for club leaders ...
Wow... your sure wormed in that "S-word" ~~~
Let me understand your suggestion
You're 100% correct
Re: You're 100% correct
There is nothing wrong with hashing over ~~~
Slabbing Chips
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Re: Slabbing Chips
From Your Post
Re: From Your Post
Come on Cary join the club, set an example?
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Re: Suggestions for club leaders ...

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