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Come on Cary join the club, set an example?
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You aren't being watched or censored by the gestapo, but if you pound your shoe on the table and call us names and accuse people of things that are false, you are losing any traction for your suggestions. My messages have been rejected for words, and one was a casino name. Nothing personal it's a bot that has language filters.

Wake up! Calling us a bunch of old senile dysfunctional people or hinting at other medical insults is a poor way to make any friends. I'll suggest you join the club and then get your like minded younger friends to do the same and proactively you can run for election and take over holding the torch for the rest of us. You can change things from inside the system.

I did some volunteer work, that club was getting really grey. I mean people who... well lets just say, couldn't cut standing outside all day in the rain or Sun and their former knowledge and training was starting to slip. Whenever someone new and young came to work I'd take them aside and say pretty much the same as above. The old guys could still drink beer and eat chicken with the best of us, but eyesight and physical demands were taking their toll.

"please, we need new people, we need younger people, if you like this and are having fun, invite six of your friends to come play, party and work." Some few actually did. One became specialty chief in3-4 years, a young lady, brought in a bunch of friends, she's a hoot, hard worker and helped the club grow. Now according to my theory, if each of those friends brings one more friend, hey it's like some pyramid scheme. Soon the club will be yours to rule as you wish, from within the system.

Start now, recruit, and I'm sure in a few years you can have your BOD and slabbing and your friends can all be running the magazine and the convention. Until then please don't insult the hard working people who make this all possible and enjoyable for the rest of us? It's not all about age it's about caring and working and the people who volunteer deserve praise and thanks not rude insults.

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Wow... your sure wormed in that "S-word" ~~~
Let me understand your suggestion
You're 100% correct
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There is nothing wrong with hashing over ~~~
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Come on Cary join the club, set an example?
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