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Executive Director ?

I have read Rick Timmins article in latest club publication concerning hiring a person in the Executive Director position to help grow our hobby and increase our membership. Well written article Rick, and I know you put a lot of effort into it. No matter what the outcome of your suggestion, positive or negative, keep you passion for improving our club going forward.
I, for one, would like to know if club members are for or against hiring a Executive Director as a paid position at this time. We all have read the pros & cons on the subject so additional input is not needed. Just a Yes or No straw vote. A member # would confirm we are not counting folks that have no skin in this game.
Jerry Hudson...R-8717...No

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Executive Director ?
Although I Don't Think the Idea of Hiring an..
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Executive Director?? AAHHHHH, NO
NO and NO
This is what I would do (and have ~~~
Yes and more...
I still believe that if anyone can show our BOD ~~
Even more scary is that we have members stating
While you chose to post a total of all accounts,
For the record
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Re: For the record
Re: For the record
Re: For the record
How can you say at this point?
Re: How can you say at this point?
I certainly did not mean to come off heated
Re: How can you say at this point?
Must be the name!
NO! Easy Answer! USA

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