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"what value do you think slabbing will provide to chip collectors?" answer - NOTHING!!!! but as far as this issue is concerned, i do not care about collectors, or anybody else ALREADY in the hobby. my suggestion to anybody reading this is to stay away from slabbed chips.

slabbing appeals to investors who care only about the monetary value of an item, not the intrinsic value. heres another question:

what value do you think slabbing will provide to the chip community? it could potentially bring in new faces and new money.

i want to attract people with deep pockets who could care less about the item slabbed, but are buying it only because it is slabbed.

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Wow... your sure wormed in that "S-word" ~~~
Let me understand your suggestion
You're 100% correct
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There is nothing wrong with hashing over ~~~
Slabbing Chips
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Come on Cary join the club, set an example?
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