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Re: Suggestions for club leaders ...

I might be wrong but I can't recall we have had anyone under the age of 50 put their hand up to volunteer for ANYTHING for probably 10 years.
Why? Maybe because we only have a dozen members under 50.

The amount of hours required of most BoD volunteers precludes anyone not retired anyway.

The 2018 'show chairman' is not the same person as is 2017, nor was it ever going to be. Same situation and I would expect the same result though.
Try and get a players card by giving an NV address and TX ID. You'll get the same result.

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Suggestions for club leaders ...
Re: Suggestions for club leaders ...
Wow... your sure wormed in that "S-word" ~~~
Let me understand your suggestion
You're 100% correct
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There is nothing wrong with hashing over ~~~
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Come on Cary join the club, set an example?
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Re: Suggestions for club leaders ...

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