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Has The Chip Guide been sold?

Did the Club sell The Chip Guide? Who owns it now? Did the Club ever own it or consider buying it? I was under the impression
that the club owned it... if not... Can we buy it?

It is a valuable resource for collectors and for the Club's Mission. Now it has outside advertising on it, who collects that $
the MOGH? Sorry... I haven't been here in a while... need to get caught up.

I don't see a Chip Guide banner on the Club's Website either? sad

Did we get looted? Is it still club member volunteers who update it?

I think the state of the club may be in worse shape than most realize.

I also now see that the MOGH BOD will be meeting with the MOB Museum BOD this month
to discuss future plans with how to grow the MOGH. That is exciting news!

You guys really need to take a hard look at the option of starting a new 501c3
for the MOGH based out of Nevada.

This poor club is going to turn into a hundred or so old friends, rented tables and expensive soft drinks. mad

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Has The Chip Guide been sold?
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