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I mailed 7 packets today

I mailed 7 packets on January 2, using both Ebay and PayPal shipping services. I printed the labels on Dec. 31, Jan. 1, and Jan. 2 as orders came in, and all had shipping dates of Jan. 2. All were still the $2.61 rate from last year (which would be $3 if you don't use the internet).

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Expensive Postal Rate Increase!
Re: Expensive Postal Rate Increase!
Well, I have a receipt that says $3.80 . . .
Use the Post Office in Sherman Oaks,
The postal clerk in Beverly Hills says:
Still $3.00 Today
Mailed For $1.20 today..
I mailed 7 packets today
It's $3 in Beverly Hills . . .

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