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Does anyone collect "Rain Check" chips?

I picked up a small bag of chips at the antique store today that included these three "Rain Check" chips. I Have seen the SVCC chip before - it is from a local private golf club near my house - the Sierra View Country Club. There was a Reef Casino in Roseville but the mold and font were different than this. I don't think I've heard of a place called the Rose Room but would not be surprised if there was one in Roseville.

Is there a place in the Chip Guide for these types of chips? I assume the ones that say they are valid for 75ยข are for drinks at a bar when you've been lucky and won more than you can drink. I would guess the SVCC chip might be for a round of golf when you got rained out?

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Does anyone collect "Rain Check" chips?
Here is another SVCC Rain Check
Another B Mold Chip...

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