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Expensive Postal Rate Increase!

This morning when I went to mail a chip in a 000 padded envelope, the clerk ran a meter stamp and stuck it on - $3.80. As of 12/31 the rate was already a whopping $3.00. I asked if that was correct, and she said, yes, the prices JUST WENT UP TODAY. Not January 21 as had been reported on this site - well at least went up for mailing small packages.

I almost collapsed to the floor but Kenny was also there mailing out his usual 100 priority mail boxes, and would only have laughed. Besides, that post office floor is filthy. All who mail in padded envelopes, take careful notice of this Mammoth increase. My understanding is that priority mail is still the same rate, as is the first-class rate of 49c at least until Jan. 21.

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Expensive Postal Rate Increase!
Re: Expensive Postal Rate Increase!
Well, I have a receipt that says $3.80 . . .
Use the Post Office in Sherman Oaks,
The postal clerk in Beverly Hills says:
Still $3.00 Today
Mailed For $1.20 today..
I mailed 7 packets today
It's $3 in Beverly Hills . . .

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