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Ocean Downs adds Table Games Today !!

Ocean Downs Casino and Racetrack in Berlin, MD outside of Ocean City, opened a new section of their Casino tonight at 6:00 pm. In addition to 100+ new slot machines - live table games were in operation for the first time. The following table games are in operation - 1 Roulette Table, 1 Craps Table, 1 Three-Card Poker Table, 1 Ultimate Texas Holdem Table and 6 Blackjack Tables.
I was one of the first people in the new section of the Casino and I went to the Roulette Table and picked up the chips shown below - $1, $5, $25 and $100 - they also have a $500 chip but NO $2.50s.
The Roulette chips are 24 Line Style - Table A in 7 colors - Light Blue, Yellow, Gray, Purple, Maroon, Pink and Beige ?? The Roulette feature the same style logo as the regular chips (Spade shaped fish "swimming" over 2 waves). I played the first two spins on the Roulette wheel at $10 each but I did not Harvest any Roulette chips - I'll try to get some at a later date. New Gaming Guides for the Table games are shown below.

Ricky Puskin of All Chips will have some of these chips for sale next week.

Take care,

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