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Newsletter of the SNCCC, DEC/JAN....

Southern Nevada Casino Collectibles Club
January 2018

Greetings to SNCCC Club Members!

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season! New Year’s is around the corner and I hope everyone will be safe during the New Year.

DECEMBER SPEAKER – Mr. Oliver Lovat, gave a fantastic presentation into the inner workings of the gaming scene in Las Vegas.

Mr. Blank, of the Las Vegas Chamber will be our next speaker in January. He is the lobbyist for the Chamber in Washington and is sure to know the key marketing techniques for Las Vegas.

MEMBERSHIP - Continues to grow, please invite a friend to come to our meeting and possibly join if they like what they see. We are presently at 111 members with a goal of 125 by March of 2018.

OFFICERS – With no new members being nominated and elected, the current officers were retained and will continue their duties for 2018. They are:

Jerry Vergatos President

Rick Lonsky Vice President

Jim Follis Secretary

Jim Diezinger Treasurer

Rich Klabacha Membership

Dale Horyna Director at Large

Sally Horyna Director at Large

BOARD MEETING – Immediately following our Club Meeting, the SNCCC Board will be conducting a meeting to discuss Club issues. If you have any comments/suggestions/complaints, please let any of the Board Members know and it will be discussed, and you will be contacted. All members are encouraged to voice your concern(s).

FACEBOOK – Ron Gaudette has launched our Facebook page. Please contact him to put your name on the list. He can go over the rules with you as well.

ADVERTISING – Negotiations are pending the outcome of a discussion with the Review Journal on advertising rates. An answer should be given before the next meeting.

SCHOLARSHIPS – The two UNLV grants are being finalized and a summary of the outcome will be presented.

MENTORING - It has been suggested by some new members that they would like to know who could give them guidance on categorizing, scanning, displaying, and storing their collectibles. I would like to complete a list of members who they could reach out to, to help them. If you would like to be on that list, please let me know.

CLUB MEETING EXHIBITS – We have a table set up for anyone wanting to bring something from their personal collection for all to see – please feel free to bring in your favorite item(s).

Thank you all for being in the Club. I will see you at the next meeting.

Jerry Vergatos

Copyright 2017 David Spragg