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Second mail fraud attempt...

Six weeks after the initial attempt to forward my mail to another address other than mine, they tried it again on 15 December.

Cancel order was placed that day and US Postal Inspector's Office was made aware and opened another case and giving me a second case number.

I gave all this info to Palm Beach Sheriff's Office and received a case number.

Case was closed by postal inspector's office in 3 days with same reason as previously noted here.

After calling them again last Friday and explaining this was the second attempt by them trying to get my mail, they gave me another case number saying that they will call me if they have any questions.

In my honest opinion; it appears that the USPS and the US Postal Inspector's Office are not doing enough to correct this with their so-called postal fraud investigations.

Everything else is well-protected and secure....

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Second mail fraud attempt...
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How to file a complaint with USPIS
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