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grin Holiday contest

Our son , Craig who lives in Florida can not get off from work Christmas week. He is 3rd in command at the hospital. 1st & 2nd take that week as a vacation week. So the Saturday just past was our Christmas. The event was held at Patty & Jim's house. That day was also Christians 23rd birthday.
The contest is guess how many people were there for dinner ? The one closest to the correct number will get a Maryland Live $5 5th anniversary chip. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.
Enjoy the contest & Merry Christmas to all.

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grin Holiday contest
18 for dinner
22 Including you and your lovely wife
27 Happy Holidays
15 1/2 people
14 + 2 dogs
17 grin
11 for din din
7 for dinner
Re: grin Holiday contest
25 for dinner
33 For Dinner.
29 Happy Holidays
I think you had 21.
Re: grin Holiday contest is closed

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