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Matchbooks..Buyers Beware

I personally collect anything Thunderbird Hotel & Casino Las Vegas so I am always searching Ebay for items I do not have. In the last couple months I have noticed several sellers of complete casino matchbooks selling some " Thunderbird " matchbooks that have been altered and that alteration is not enclosed in the description of the item. Some are easy to spot and others not as easy. The easy ones you can spot by the staple holding book together and there is already 2 existing holes in book where original staple was removed. Most times new staple is not same size as existing holes. These books were put together by removing matches from another matchbook and reassembling to get a couple extra bucks for a complete book. Many of the complete books for sale have the wrong matches, wrong number of matches, wrong color of match stem, or wrong color of match heads installed in them. There were many companies that supplied matchbooks from the 40's through 70's such as Lion Match Co., Ohio Match Co., Diamond Match Co. Universal Match Co., etc. and most varied slightly in assembly at staple location.
I have over 30 different complete Thunderbird matchbooks ( over 300 total ) so comparisons for me are fairly easy. I realize matchbooks are rather inexpensive, but I just wanted to pass on some info to save future buyers a small case of heartburn. I do not think anyone wants to own a altered collectible no matter how little it cost. I have not checked casino matchbooks from other locations but if they are altering Thunderbird Matchbooks I am sure that other casinos matchbooks have suffered same fate.

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