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NCR - Survivor Weekly Update

It was a fun night last week. With having two Tribal Councils and two sent to the Jury Hut. I was not a fan of Joe as I was glad to see him go. That being said they all go in and play however they think it will get them to the end and a shot at the big money. And with JP going it takes me out of the running for a chip win in both pools. Best of luck to everyone who is left.

Merge winners were sent their winning chips. Congrats to the winners.

Jump in and post if you like. I love the input as does everyone else. 

$1.00 Pool
Dennis Garnier – Joe Mena – 11th Sent to Jury
Bob Heistand – Alan Ball – 4th out, big blindside due to a note stopping Coles vote along with a hidden Immunity played by Joe
Walter Dirzulitis – Chrissy Hofbeck
Alan Borenstein – Roark Luskin – 5th out
Ricky Pushkin – Ashley Nolan
Mike Downey – Simone Nguyen – 2nd sent packing
Ralph “Hot Rod” Myers – Mike Zahalsky
Bill Purcell – Ryan Ulrich
Steve Gobel – Jessica Johnston – 7th out at the merge
John Zoesch – Alexandrea “Ali” Elliott – 6th out, total blindside
Pete Klinger – Desiree “Desi” Williams – 8th out, 1st to Jury
Charlie Wilson – Patrick Bolton – 3rd sent packing – he should have shared in the challenge
Roger Herman – Ben Driebergen
Ricky Pushkin – Cole Medders – 9th out – 2nd Jury member
Walter Dirzulitis – Lauren Rimmer
Bill Purcell – Katrina Radke – 1st out
Ricky Pushkin – Devon Pinto
Dennis Berry – John “JP” Hilsabeck – 10th sent to Jury

$5.00 Pool
Dennis Garnier – Alan Ball – 4th out, total blindsided
Bob Heistand – Cole Medders – 9th out – 2nd Jury member
Robert Likes – Ben Driebergen
Walter Dirzulitis – Joe Mena – 11th Sent to Jury
Alan Borenstein – Ashley Nolan
Ricky Pushkin – Roark Luskin – 5th out
Mike Downey – Chrissy Hofbeck
Ralph “Hot Rod” Myers – Ryan Ulrich
Bill Purcell – Devon Pinto
Steve Gobel – Lauren Rimmer
Pete Klinger – Alexandrea “Ali” Elliott – 6th out, total blindside
Charlie Wilson – Mike Zahalsky
Ricky Pushkin – John “JP”Hilsabeck – 10th sent to Jury
Dennis Berry – Patrick Bolton – 3rd sent a packing – he should have shared in the challenge
Walter Dirzulitis – Jessica Johnston – 7th out and at the merge
Bill Purcell – Simone Nguyen – 2nd sent a packing
Ricky Pushkin – Desiree “Desi” Williams – 8th out 1st to Jury
Dennis Berry – Katrina Radke – 1st out

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