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Today's finds...

Picked these up at an antique faire today. Some junk ...some kind of cool.

Does anyone know if the oversized are samples or real chips? I like the Chinese writing on them...and for a $1 each...I had to buy them.
Other seller had about 12 of the blue Bank Club Reno $25 chips. I picked up 2. He also had a bag of Red Bank Club 10 cent chips that he wanted $200 for. I asked if he had anymore chips...he says..."Yep" and pulls out 2 more bags of 100. (Looks like 300 total) my picture of the bag is on my phone...will post it in my reply.
I also picked up a couple of match covers...I never saw this Crow's Nest from Washington. I looked it up and there was 3 different owners from 1948-1960. Don't know if it was around before or after those date and none of the listings said Card Room.

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Today's finds...
1 bag of chips
Re: 1 bag of chips
Rob....I did not buy the chips
Re: Rob....I did not buy the chips
Sorry...match covers here
I've got and extra
Thanks Barry 😀
Very nice Jay...
Thanks Charles 😀
Jay did you go to the PCC swat meet I was going
Swap Meet in Pasadena, Ca.
Fred....I was
Jay, those Mongolian Gaming chips are listed
Awesome!! James...thanks for the
Thanks for the info David....
Re: Thanks for the info David....
Awww, you throw cold water on hot Mongolian Panda
Re: Awww, you throw cold water on hot Mongolian Pa

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