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Selling off the rest

Many years ago (2002ish), I had a side project producing "Chip Pads" that were sold primarily at the Gamblers General Store in Las Vegas.
I had a lot fun researching and recreating some of the most beautiful Vegas chips from the 40's to 70's.

Along the way, I also met/made quite a few friends... Mike Q, James C and Mark F just to name a few. These guys were instrumental in my first hand access to high rez scans and the actual chips themselves. From there, I collected anything I could buy (menus, magazine ads, napkins, etc) that carried the exact same elements as the chip designs. It was more accurate to work from a larger printed piece and use the chip as a reference.

Long story short... rather than take on a partner, divide the small profits and an outright theft (you know who you are and I know you are reading this), I decided to ditch the whole project. Not a big deal. The enjoyment was in the reconstruction, not the actual sales.

This first pic is all the designs I had worked on. Not all of them made it to full scale production. I wish the Frontier 21 Club wasn't so expensive to produce. The inlay was silk screened on a blank cream colored Small Key pad. I actually had a one time contract with the Trop to produce a giveaway of their black $100.

The second pic is what was sent out to GGS (minus the Trop).

The third is a design I never finished. Sorry Mike Q.

I have very few left of the pads but it's time to get rid of the production proofs and the remainder.
They're on eBay. Follow the link below.


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