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wanted Golden Gate Casino - 1950's H-Mold Chips

wanted Golden Gate Casino - 1950's H-Mold Chips

Seeking a few Golden Gate Casino Chips and other artifacts from mid/late 1950's. Looks like the H-Mold chips would time out about right. Appears that items CG060517 and CG060518 and similar are entirely appropriate.

See explanation and story below,

Christmas is coming - Dad's birthday is 23rd of December, this creates a conflict giftwise. I try to get interesting things for Dad on his BD. Please see his story below (about me, 1957) - Question is - anyone have any interesting chips or other items from mid/late 1950's Golden Gate Casino (Vegas) I can get for dad?

I had asked him if he could tell me about the first time he went to Vegas - story below

PM me with any chips, ideas, etc., it has been suggested to try and find a newspaper from that day and similar fun items. I have a few trading items if that works too.

Can’t imagine what brought this on, but I do remember.

I was coming to Portland to see my soon to be born #1 son. I had caught a space available flight from San Antonio but it just went To Vegas. I got to downtown from Nellis AFB by some means, probably bus to Union plaza (also bus station) and went across the street to the Golden Gate casino. I bellied up to the bar to get a cool beverage but they told me they couldn’t serve one because this day is Election Day and serving alcohol beverages is not permitted until the polls close. He told me to go out on the strip. I did, it was on the way to the airport and I stopped at one, I don’t remember which one. Completely different atmosphere than now. Entertainment in the lounge, hardly anyone there. I had my cool beverage, and apparently caught a plane ride to PDX.

That’s my story.

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