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Another Oak Orchard Project !!!

Before I tackled the Deck Project that I posted pics of yesterday - I warmed up with a Waterfall Project. A lot of people have said take it easy, relax and let someone else do these "Projects" but I really enjoy doing these things myself - it gives me a sense of accomplishment and keeps me active. I would rather "workout" with a hammer and a shovel as opposed to going to a gym and at the end of the day I have something to show for it !!

The waterfall project involved a lot of concrete and block work along with digging. I worked on this project in August and had to build a tent to keep the Sun from beating down on me while I was doing all the concrete work. This project also took around 3 weeks to complete.

The base of the waterfalls is the old concrete set of stairs that were in front of the door leading to the porch before I began the original deck project.

I mixed up all the concrete and mortar for the project by hand in a wheelbarrow. Hey Steve P. - no nice big concrete truck for me. I used around 20 - 80 pound bags of Sakrete for this project.

I dug out the pool at the base of the waterfall - about 3' deep and lined it with the rubber liner. I ran an underground electric wire in a trench about 150' across the yard and installed an electric box to plug in the pump to circulate the water in the falls.

I laid the blocks on the outer edge of the falls and cemented in all the flag stone pieces to create the falls.

I ran all the piping for the pump and set it up so I could take the pump out easily to store in the shed over the winter.

I also rigged up a pipe in the pond to make a fountain feature (just like Bellagio !!) vbg vbg vbg

I have a few more details to do on this project - covering the plastic pipes with cement and finishing the landscaping around the Falls. I'll take care of the final details in the Spring. I have named the water feature "Indian River Falls" and I will be putting the name on the Redwood board that is mounted above the Falls.

Once again, I really enjoy these projects and my Doctors told me to just live my life and get plenty of exercise and that is exactly what I intend to do !!!

Take care,

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Another Oak Orchard Project !!!
Wow...!!! (...and 'wow' view, too). Excellent.
Nice! grin
Nice! Come over to visit anytime ;-)
Re: Another Oak Orchard Project !!!
Re: Another Oak Orchard Project !!!
Jerry I agree, I call it productive excerise Your

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