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Re: My Colorado Trip: Ute Mountain Video

Video. For those whose usual Time Wasters are running thin today: 3 minutes of the last part of the drive into Ute Mountain casino. From my Dash Cam. Ignore the shadows on the windshield, look at just the top half of the Video. Dash Cams are not made for good picture taking, just recording the accident when it comes! It was a cloudy afternoon and there is a bit of nice scenery...

Let me know if I should bother to post other Dash Cam vids from my trip, or if this is just too stupid to be allowed to propagate further vbg


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My Colorado Trip: Ute Mountain
Awesome Steve, did you go to Sky Ute
Posting Sky Ute in a few minutes!
Ute Mountain. Smoky Casino
Re: My Colorado Trip: Ute Mountain Video

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