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My Colorado Trip: Sky Ute Casino

Once again, Good Evening to All!

Next stop, Sky Ute Casino:

Nice enough casino. Hard to get to - have to go up some twisty-@$$ narrow Mountain roads. Saturday Afternoon, only a couple of tables open: 3 Card Poker, Black Jack, Roulette. Poker cashier was very nice and she sold me chips. Felt strange not having played to get the chip harvest, so I stopped and palyed roulette, which I normally don't do. Bought 5 $1 chips, Played them all on one spin, only hit my black bet, so lost $3, much better than I've been doing on Pai Gow and Black Jack. Went to the casino cafe, they have a sort of Burrito bar where you can choose among several items to add into your burrito. About $8 out the door, but totally worth the price, compared to what you'd get elsewhere for the money. Overall quite a nice casino. P.S. They gave out a great blanket with club sign up.

The Chips:

Cool Blanket. One of the best sign-up freebies of the whole trip.

Leaving town:

And had to throw in one from further up the road on my way to Salida. Gotta remember I'm a city kid who lives in the desert...


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