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Random info California

I was going to do a post on this following chip, but decided I needed for info. I have been researching this place all week after work. I'm still looking for another chip that goes with this ID. I know I had it around here somewhere.

So..instead I decided to post about this place after an email from another chipper.

The top 3 chips I assumed were from the same place. Same stamp with font. They are attributed to...
Norman Gonor
Los Angeles, Ca 1978

I am not 100% sure any info on the small crown chip ( maybe David Spragg will chime in with TRKing info?)but the L mold chips were sent to ....

G.H. Beierle
1400 El Camino
North Sacramento

G.H.B. Started the Sundown

**** these listing may not be in chronological order *** I didn't write down the dates I got the directories from☹️

The bottom GB (grey w/3 blue) was sent to Woodland, California 1967..... info on that at another time.

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Random info California
Ty Mr&Mrs Smith πŸ˜€
Nice work; keep digging !!
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Impressive most impressive
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how nice, great research Jay
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Lucy Beierle Made It To 99 . . .
James....that's for looking up the
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No prob, may you live to 99 too!
Is The Top Chip "Weeping Willow"???
Re: Is The Top Chip "Weeping Willow"???
I have an O & F chip around here someplace too
Re: Random info California
Thank you Mr. Spragg...
Re: Thank you Mr. Spragg...
Re: Random info California
Hey Butch...thanks for the reply
Butch....just getting back
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GB white chip....
Re: GB white chip....
Thank you for the info....πŸ˜€

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