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I haven’t compared them but by looking in the chipguide it is the exact same chip as shown. So I know it’s unique if this is the only one. Thanks Garin, I try to better my Playboys when I can and this one was definitely a must have if available and I was very happy to see that it was !!! I just wish I can get the 50 pound sm crown we were discussing last post, that would make my day to add that one to my collection. By the way my girlfriend is an Elvis lover so one day I’ll have to get one of you items for her, take care and thanks for the support, Torrey

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Re: As always...........
Re: As always...........
Re: As always...........
Great chips, but...
Oh yeah, your right. I must have forgot when
Sadly, I should slow down for a bit
Re: Sadly, I should slow down for a bit
Hilton chips, you say?
Michael very nice, always admired the Cuacao chips
Congrats. Nice £100 Playboy.
Thanks John, I give a shot when I can.
Nice Chips Torrey!! 😀

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