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The SBM Monte Carlo Chipco roulettes

With the help of a number of collectors or dealers over the years, I’ve finally assembled a complete set of 126-piece Chipco roulettes from the SBM Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Chipcos and other ceramic chips with edge-to-edge images are commonplace now, but 29 years ago, they were a striking change to casino chips with molds and inlays or hot-stamps.

Chipco chips were introduced with the El San Juan (Puerto Rico) chips in 1988, followed by a series of collector chips (e.g. Harrah’s Tahoe $5 “Sailboat” in 1990) and others around the USA and elsewhere. (The 2 images below are from the MOGH/Chip Guide)

At one of the early conventions at the Aladdin (1993 or so), I picked up a few of the Monte Carlo roulettes. (John Benedict may have been the dealer/seller, but not sure?) For the next 25 years, I added to the set until completing it recently.

The roulette set had been illustrated in a Chipco sales brochure I had from circa 1991. The brochure showed 9 colors and 14 different images, for a total set of 126 pieces (9 x 14).
The images come from tourist / travel images and other illustrations featuring all the sights to see in Monaco. (See brochure page below)

The MOGH / Chip Guide refers to these images as “Series 1” through “Series 14”. In most cases, the 9 colors are referenced, though a few “extra” colors are included. It’s my assumption that the extra colors are due to different shades of scanning, or perhaps wear.

Here’s 2 pictures of my collection – the 9 colors, featuring the 2 Bathing Beauties”. And a photo of the whole set of colors & images. Enjoy!

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The SBM Monte Carlo Chipco roulettes
Re: 5 duplicates for sale
Congrats. You and Doug have done well!

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