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Weekend Finds at Long Beach Coin Show

Not many actual chips, but plenty of tokens, a few wooden nickels, plastic drink chips and that sort of thing, reasonable prices but took a lot of looking. The finding made it fun! Three things, I think, are new to the ChipGuide.

Coin Power tokens were used at gasoline stations around the West in the early 1980's - you would buy dollar tokens at the station, go outside and feed 'em into pumps to get your gas. The tokens gave the station address so by finding a bunch (all in the same token box) I now know the locations of some of their facilities. From research by another person intensely interested in gasoline stations, I learned that "Oldaker" was the mother of Harry Rothschild, owner of Powerine Oil, and thus the engraved signature of W J Oldaker on some tokens had to be a cousin of his. Proving that Powerine Oil was behind the Coin-Op and Coin Power brands.

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Weekend Finds at Long Beach Coin Show
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