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A few chips for the Chip Guide !!

On my way to A C this past week I stopped at the Rommel Harley Davidson store in New Castle, DE and picked up a batch of new chips (both sides shown below). The price has really gone up on these chips - the last ones I bought about 2 years ago were $1.49 each - these new ones were $2.95 each - that's what I call real inflation - 100% increase in 2 years !!
Also shown is a partial Roulette Wheel layout design chip. I have no idea where this should be placed in the Chip Guide. The chip was interesting to me as it shows a lot of the favorite #s my son and I play on the Roulette Wheel. I gave him one of these as a "Good Luck" piece to carry with him when he plays Roulette.
Take care,
PS - Chip Guide Admins - feel free to use these scans.

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