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Chipco plaques headed to Ebay

I've got a few plaques from the great Chipco collection I had acquired a few years ago. All headed to Ebay as I need chip funds.

The last of 2 uncancelled $10,000 Artichoke Joe's plaques I had. I sold 1 a few years back for $400. David or Doug had also sold 1 for same or similar amount.

An Ace International Casino $25,000 plaque.
(According to ChipGuide Malaysian wet chips.)

A Casino Acapulco Cyprus $10,000 plaque.

If anyone here needs 1 of these before they hit Ebay email me. I was planning on asking same amount again for Artichoke, other 2 unsure.

(I'm a member of Chiptalk and PokerChipForum. On both sites I am known as GenghisKhan. I was briefly a member of CCGTCC but stopped collecting singles. Now only collect complete playable sets.)

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