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Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe


These are great points and I would like to address a couple as a new member and 2nd year convention volunteer.

Volunteers - There is no doubt that the hard work done by these volunteers keeps the club and even more so the convention running smoothly. While the nice chip sets and special speakers are nice why not cut to the chase. Convention early entrance is a VERY strong reason why many of the new members join. Any one can post on TCB and buy/sell/ trade as they please without being a member. They can also go to The Chip Guide and use that incredible resource for free... again without being a member. They can also have access to archives, member directories and video seminars for free as well. The only other perk other than a semi annual printed magazine is early entrance to the Convention. And do these members have to do anything other than pre-register? No. That is it. Pay the early registration fee and you will get in an hour early the same as those that get up early on Wed to unload trucks and setup tables. Same as those who volunteer to work at trading sessions and raffle tables. Why not just allow the earliest entrance to volunteers, then members and then the general public. Maybe something like this

Convention Entrance

9:00 - 9:30 Convention Volunteers
9:30 - 10:00 Pre Registered CSA Members
10:00 -till close General Public

That 1/2 hour perk would be more than sufficient enticement for many AND have an added bonus. Would force many of the new members and older members to interact and work together. I know my first year volunteering I met and worked with great people like Mark Lighterman and Quinton. And this year I met and interacted with even more including George Divetresky who just floored me with his kindness in helping me learn about chipping and meeting a lot of other long time members. Again just an idea.

Promoting the hobby - I know that I do my best to promote the hobby and have had MANY MANY people ask me about the hobby when they notice my chip I use as a chip protector at the poker tables. I play poker on a regular basis and have attended the WSOP for many years. When people become interested in the convention after I talk to them at the table I am always hit with the same responses.

Me - You should come to the convention. It's huge and had tons of great chips and memorabilia.
Them - That sounds like something I might check out. Where is it?
Me - The Southpoint
Them - Where is that?
Me -Well...its about a $20 cab ride or Uber. You jump on I-15 West and head towards LA. Look for the exit......
Them - Nevermind.

Again I hate to beat a dead horse but there are just to many hotels closer to the strip that could capitalize on the WSOP crowd. I can't imagine that the Soutpoint costs SO much less than a similar property like the Orleans. I would hate to think it's just the comfort and tradition of the SP instead of the best interests of the show (attendance, new members and sales) that keep the things the way they are.

I really appreciate you taking the time to post Doug. I remember meeting you at the Casinorama last year and having a similar discussion outside the doors as you smoked one of your famous cigars. I am glad that a lot of these issues are being discussed and in a polite and mutually respectful manner. Only good things can come from this.


Emilio and Aimee Soto
R-8784 2nd Year Members and Convention Volunteers

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Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD member
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Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe
Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe
Based upon many posts in years past
Thanks Michael, you nailed it.
Thanks again Emilio for the comments.
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Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe
Thank you Torrey for all you do !!!!!
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