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Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD member

Over the years I have read a lot of threads on this board that put the club in a negative light.

While many of those comments are valid, there is one point everyone of them seems to be missing.

The ccgtcc / cca is the only organization out there promoting the hobby we all love.

The club organizes the convention, the seminars, advertises for the hobby, sets up exhibits thru the MOGH to gain interest in the hobby, and basically has one goal which is to promote collecting and preserve gaming history.

Yes there are many things we can do better.

It is also true that the hobby would exist even without the club.

However does anyone believe for a minute the huge increase in interest in collecting casino memorabilia that occurred over the past 30 years would have ever happened if it was not for the club?

Yes, things have been declining over the past few years just like in all other hobbies, but let's not forget the massive growth before that decline.

So I ask everyone who does not support the club, don't you want the hobby to succeed?
Why bite the hand that feeds the hobby?

While I appreciate each and every club member, everyone who really wants the hobby to flourish need to help.

I challenge every member to ask themselves this question. Do I want to see the hobby grow?

Do you volunteer to help?
Do you donate to fundraisers like the raffle and auction?
Do you try your best to bring in new members every year?
Do you attend the convention?
Do you participate in your local club?
Are you doing all you can do to help promote the hobby?

Just some things to consider.

Thanks for listening,

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Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD member
Well Said
Thanks Chuck !!!
One more comment I wanted to make....
Your post seemed benign/benevolent to me
Thanks Scott. I just didn't want anyone getting
Thanks Rich !!!!
Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe
Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe
Based upon many posts in years past
Thanks Michael, you nailed it.
Thanks again Emilio for the comments.
Strong words for a Chargers fan !!!!!
Re: Some thoughts on the club from an Ex BOD membe
Thank you Torrey for all you do !!!!!
Cigarman Doug, Mahalo for your CC>CC selfless...
Thank you Mr. Kamm !!!!!!
Hey Kamm...

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