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Large lots of known & UFC chips.

I need chip money so have put these up for sale (or trade). All prices are plus shipping from Canada.

100 x $1 Smuggler's Cove $150
84 x Wally's White Bar WHH $125
99x $1 Sahara (blue solid) $125
100 x UFC 242 smkey chips $65
50 x HWH UFC flower mold $40
50 x $25 GDH (UFC) diasqr $50
95 x $50 GDH (UFC) diasqr $65
100 x DUKS (UFC) H mold $75

The GDH have some wobbly or warped chips.

Trades: Would consider chips from Grand Casino Gulfport or Biloxi, diasqr & HHR fractionals in quantities of 50/100+/-, The Post (california card room).

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Large lots of known & UFC chips.
Large lot = boxes of 50-100 of same chip.

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