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My Favorite Chip- Poker Palace $25

Just a post about feeling good about my collection. I buy, sell and trade for alot of reasons, mostly monetary value, but I collect because of the stories associated with things. I bought an auction lot of chips last weekend and while I got lucky with some nice K, L, & M rated chips in the pile, I hit a personal jackpot with the Poker Palace $25 pictured, the ONLY chip bigger than a $5 in the whole lot. Of course value is based on condition, rarity and desirability. The TCR rates this chip, in "Average" condition as an M-. It's condition, I think it's pretty close to a decent A. From an attractiveness standpoint I have to say that this is a pretty innocuous issue. Why would this chip be rare? I can imagine that when the Poker Palace destroyed their stock of this chip, they probably still had most all of them in the cage. It would be a rare Poker Palace gambler who would ever leave the joint with a $25 chip in their pocket. A $25 bet at the Poker Palace might be comparable, in stress and adrenaline for that Poker Palace gambler, to a $5,000 bet at the Bellagio. The chip has had alot of serious gambling experience and must have a good story. I wish it could talk. I already had one of these in about the same condition, I better keep them both.

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My Favorite Chip- Poker Palace $25
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