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Curiouse Chip Found In Bin...

I retrieved this Eldorado Club $1 chip from one of those bargain-basement sale bins at this year's convention. I thought it looked different, and when I checked the CG, I found there was not entry. In fact, the way the chip looks is totally different with the light blue hat & canes around the rim. Is this a normal chip or just one that has suffered some ill treatment over its life cycle. I think the chip is from the Eldorado Club in Henderson. Any help or information would be enlightening. And, for the record it was only $1 to the seller. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Curiouse Chip Found In Bin...
El Dorado California chip.
Any thoughts on color?
Gardena Ca. I played poker there yrs. ago
Re: Curious Chip Found In Bin...
Thanks, Don...Happy to learn why it was in bin...
Curiouser and Curiouser Chip

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