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You might try gimp

Gimp is a very powerful free photo editor. It is a bit on the complex side and does many of the same functions a Adobe Photoshop. It was developed and maintained by the free software people. It was primarily available on Linux in its early days but has been ported to Windows for many years now. It runs just fine on Windows 10 & 7. I have been using it for several years. Out of about 100 tools I only use about a half a dozen. I suspect it would take a long time to become expert at it but it isn't to hard to make it work for simple tasks.

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scanner help please
Are you scanning into a picture editor?
Look fine from here
Re: scanner help please
thats what it looks like to me
Looks fine on this end
ok, thanks all
Now ... with software editing ...
Re: Now ... with software editing ...
You might try gimp
Thanks - I will try it.
A little Scanner Help

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