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Floor sweeping question??

I picked up a lot of zigzag chips recently. Almost all of them were floor sweepings. Only a couple l of duplicates. My question is...... does that make a chip more or less desirable?? They would most likely be "one of a kind" chips , but also I guess considered damaged? Most likely not used by the casino. Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed. I will bring these to the convention.(along with a few others) ...with a best offer situation. I am just looking to fund getting other chips at convention.

Hot stamp gold on one side and silver on the other

The reverse of this chip is $5.00

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Floor sweeping question??
Re: Floor sweeping question??
Thanks John...I appreciate your input
Jay come see me I'm interested but don't know
Torrey...I will come to see you
Jay bring the floor sweepings, I want to see them
Torrey...80% of them ....

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