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This is what I do first at the South Point Casino.

Hi Fellow Chipp'n cca Chippers,
I have an annual routine when I first arrive at the South Point:
I head to the Garden Buffet with my South Point Players card.
The GB is one of the best around.
Then on Thursday, I enter the show table room area, I head right over to Roy Nelson's cca table to greet Roy.
I buy my 25th special convention set. Plus I buy my new cca golf shirts.
I then seek out my special cca Chippers.
All the while I am taking photo shots!
Then I am on the look out for Christine & Sheldon Smith.
I just got to give them a big Hawaiian Punch Hug!
Oh Yah, be on the look out for Sheldon speeding around in his soup-up scooter!
For all the cca first time attending Chippers. Here are a few suggestions:
Get your South Point Players card ASAP.
For great SP discounts.
Carry bottled water with U.
Wear a wind breaker, because inside the casino it's cool.
The first convention Volunteers U will see are the registration crew. Please smile and thank each of them for being VOLUNTEERS.
I suggest to take cell photos of the convention schedule.
Attend the banquet.
Check out the trading sessions.
On Thursday, attend the opening ceremony to start the convention.
Attend on Tuesday, the PCs exchange gathering.
Buy your SP Hotdogs at the casino area.
But before, buy your can of soda from the sundry shop.
Most of all......enjoy each moment and each event. U can sleep on your flight back home!
Aloha and Okole MaLuna,

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This is what I do first at the South Point Casino.
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Have FUN!! Our flight in in 3 hrs, See You THERE!
Hot dogs are still $1.25 / limit 3, WOOOOOOOO
Who counts how many we have had???

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