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for sale Atlantic City/Las Vegas/Caribbean/Other Chips for sale

I have recently acquired a large number of casino chips from my late grandfather, Robert Ginsburg. They are focused in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the Caribbean, but others come from all over the country and the world.

Please reply if you are interested in any of the chips, from just one to the entire collection. I am entertaining all offers, and all payment will go through PayPal. Shipping fees will vary on the size of the order, but will be minimal. Follow the attached link below to scans of all the chips.

Chips with a red box around them have already been sold. If you need more information or can't discern the specifications of the chips from the scans, I have much more detailed information on the chips. Simply reply to this post or send me an email with requests.

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Chips for Sale
Zachary has my endorsement !!!!!!
I Second That Endorsement!!!
I too have had a great transaction w/Zach
Re: I too have had a great transaction w/Zach

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