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Basquiat Skull Painting Sells for $110.5 Million

We're in the wrong hobby. ....Basquiat Skull Painting Sells for $110.5 Million...Sale at Sotheby’s sets a new record high for any U.S. artist at auction.

Too bad he didn't live to see the sale: "Despite an attempt at sobriety during a trip to Maui, Hawaii, he died on August 12, 1988, of a heroin overdose at his art studio on Great Jones Street in Manhattan's NoHo neighborhood. He was 27 years old..."

the painting:

This just sold for $100 at auction an hour ago. I wanted it, but not that badly. 😪 At least I have this picture.:

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Basquiat Skull Painting Sells for $110.5 Million
Re: Basquiat Skull Painting Sells for $110.5 Milli
Way overpriced by at least 10-million dollars grin
Now, wouldn't that.....
Would make a nice postage stamp.

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