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I think they gave me the business card?

They did try to please but yes they did not seem to understand why we would want anything from the casino as a souvenir but if I have that photo in my phone I could show a few people there and who knows they could walk out with a full rack and look at me like" your crazy that you even want them, here you go"!!. Perhaps they threw them out years ago but each casino I asked for playing cards they would give me full boxes and seemed happy to get rid of them!! The casino across from Seaport, Crystal I believe its called would have given me more than a box but I did not have enough room in my carry on to bring them. They handed one box to my wife and she gave them back. All the casinos were very nice to us

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If you see any of these at the convention...
Palma Real Chip
Nextime I will ask Seaport if they have this chip
My experience with Seaport is...
I think they gave me the business card?
I think you may have

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