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If you see any of these at the convention...

Please let me know. Once again, I will not be able to go. These are my most wanted items:

The third is a choken, not a chip. And yes, everything I am posting is from Aruba. I would also love to get any of the following:

I would also love to get a Royal Palm Players Card (any of them):

I have acquired these pictures over time. I generally ask before I borrow pictures, but you never know after enough time. Some of them, like the Royal Palm card, may be borrowed from the Chip Guide.

I not only have never made it to a convention, I have never purchased anything that came from the convention (through help of others). Let's change that this year. So, if you see any of these, please send me an e-mail! Thank you.

Michael Siskin

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If you see any of these at the convention...
Palma Real Chip
Nextime I will ask Seaport if they have this chip
My experience with Seaport is...
I think they gave me the business card?
I think you may have

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